Turn Impossible into Possible

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Domestic Abuse, Social Violence, Bullying, Assault, Rape, Murder -

All have ties to each other:

epidemic drug abuse, enabled behavior, ignored behavior, felons with guns, victims re-victimized by officials, assumptions, prejudice, closed mindsets, unteachable, unchangeable, unaccountable.

Welcome to Bridge to Safety . .

The Bridge that can lead to safety. . . an unknown expanse that is hard to walk onto, that first step which only I can decide to take because I am the one that will have to make the journey. They say there is safety on the other side. Will there be anyone there to help me along the way and will I make it all the way across?

I fear that I will not survive if I take that first step; but I know that I won't survive if I stay here. Has anyone else made this journey and survived? How do I get there and what will my bridge be? A wooden bridge, a strong metal bridge or a swinging bridge? A short bridge or a long bridge? The choice has to be my own because it is I that will have to make the journey.

I did step out and take that first step into the expanse of uncertainty. Remembering "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1).

My abuser was a convicted felon with guns that law enforcement would not charge. If he had served the mandatory 5 year sentence I would not have met him. How many others can  say the same thing?

America in Crisis!

Our society shifts, each persons views are fueled with passion!

This website seeks to hold a safe ground for views - asking for each person to stop and listen to the other. Our kids and grand-kids are speaking up, this is democracy in action.

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