Welcome new users that have registered!

Hi, I received a lot of notices in the past 2 days of new users that have registered.


I really hope that you all will get this blog going and post. The only real rule is to not post real names of abusers to bash them online because this website and blog was created for us, the survivors and I do not desire to make it about them.

This blog is not only for those who have left a bad relationship but also for those who have not. Each one of us is important and deserve to have a voice and to be heard. So join in and lets see where this blog takes us and though we will deal with hard issues we will gain healing and understanding. And if we are very blessed we will learn compassion for others where we have not received compassion.



Pivotal Time

I’m so glad we I have new members, I’m so sorry I have not checked my email on a regular basis, life slammed me with change and for three weeks a family member has been in the hospital. Perhaps what has happened in the family has helped me to get to this point. There has been healing with family members that I did not think would ever be healed, but there are still wounds. Please post whenever you want, I will not approve spam but welcome members otherwise. If you want a link added back to your site, just ask.

I sigh, my heart is so full and I’m soul searching. Recently I’ve decided it’s time to get vulnerable with the book I’m writing. It is a sweet little book but leaves  so much out that I had to face the fact that I was just plain scared to be real. Rejection has always been a root of problems for me, but the stronger I get the less it affects me, I hope 🙂

Today I started putting music together to listen to while I write, the first disk is music I actually listened to before I got to safety and went into a domestic violence shelter, the second is music that builds my faith and is deep un nature to deal with the deep things of the heart.

Someone very special did a piece of artwork for the book that is a rug with lots of stuff sticking out from under it, like skeletons lol representing the family tendency of stuffing everything and dealing with nothing. I recently told her that I’m cleaning out that rug and stuff is metaphorically hitting people as I throw the stuff out because it is time!

Whose Bud? (a poem)

Is your name “Bud”?

Hey there

I did not know I knew your name

until behind the wheel

I began to sing . . .

Hey Bud! Watch that line!

Hey Bud! This lane is mine!

Seriously Bud? Blink next time!

Wait Bud!

It’s right before your eyes,

the bumper sticker

“Caution, I brake for butterflies”

The End

These were the musings of me driving this week and realizing the drivers that catch my attention in the negative seem to all be called Bud.


Welcome to the new members, I hope you will feel free to post and start conversations. This blog page is back up and running. I hope to work on the victim area next and to get the abuse section worked out. Ideas are welcomed, feedback and corrections 🙂

If you are a professional working in the fight against domestic violence you may find a use for the Power Wheels area, the pics can be saved by – right click and save as – they are large pics so they will show up better in presentations. They are modeled after the Duluth model and redesigned by me.

links fixed – mostly


The main links are fixed, except inside the “Abuse” pages because there are so many of them and they are going to be added to WordPress anyway. I am working on putting the pic and videos back on the blog page 🙂


Redesign in progress

Hi, I’m working on redesigning the website to be mobile friendly and to be easier to share, print and basically updated. I’m leaving the areas up while I do this so please be patient with the process. It will take time, which is why I’m leaving it online while this happens.

I have to research a fix for the mobile pages viewing more than script lol, the icon shows up but that is about it.

Thanks for viewing this website it for education, hope and inspiration to give back because of the help I received and the healing in my own life.

I will become involved in this blog also and hope others will also.

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